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About Maple Creek Bed & Breakfast

“One part inspiration, two parts perspiration.”

This quote made by Thomas Edison rang especially true during the founding and development of Maple Creek Bed and Breakfast. Having been a long-time family dream, this dream suddenly came to fruition in the fall of 2015.  Co-owned by the Clarks & the Whislers, much thought and prayer went into the purchase of such a large piece of land near Houston; but finally, Maple Creek Bed & Breakfast was bought in April 2016.  

Having a large family came in quite handy, as the owners’ lives became a whirlwind of painting, shopping, and keeping up with their normal day-to-day lives. Certainly much work went into the establishment of Maple Creek, but with every piece of furniture that came to rest at the B&B, the large house became less and less empty and more and more like home.

After months of hard work, the family dream of running a bed and breakfast was finally fully achieved during the summer of 2016.

About the Owners & Our Family

Mike & Becky Clark have been married for 29 years and have been blessed with 5 children, two "married-in" children and one adorable grandchild.  Mike works as a computer programmer specializing in the oil & gas industry, and Becky has been a busy stay-at-home mom for the last 21 years, choosing to home-school all of their children.  Family hobbies include swimming, reading, volleyball, home-remodeling and woodworking.

Katie & Samuel Whisler have been married for 5 years and have one son named James!  Katie is the oldest daughter of Mike & Becky, and her experience of working at a B&B in college has provided a lot of inspiration (along with Pinterest) for our adventure!  Samuel works as an electrical engineer when he's not acting as handyman around Maple Creek.  They enjoy bowling, volleyball and hammock-ing!

Nathan (and his wife Victoria), Julie, Abbie & Jennie round out our Bed & Breakfast team.  Each member of our family brings their own unique talents and enthusiasm to our family and business.  We are truly blessed to share this experience with each other!!